How to Invest in an ETF

Transcribed text: When an investor buys shares in a company through an investor company, what he or she can derive and expect from the investment is limited to cash and/or stock rewards. However, investors should be informed that they can also receive payment in the form of interest or dividends on the remaining balance of… Continue reading How to Invest in an ETF

How To Identify the Right Investment

In general terms an investor company is a company that an investor invests in. A private investor can invest in such a company either as a whole or as part of a group of like minded investors. An investor company may make money by either purchasing shares of the investee company’s stock or by making… Continue reading How To Identify the Right Investment

What Are Cash Flow Issues?

The method of reporting an investor company’s financial performance is called equity accrual accounting. The equity method is a recognized accounting method used by a company to document the profits made through its investment in a second company. For the investor company, the income statement documents the income earned by the second company on its… Continue reading What Are Cash Flow Issues?